Saturday, January 29, 2005

Duenix - game for Amiga computers

In years 1994-1998, I have created a multiplayer game Duenix for Amiga computers, featuring six worms drawing lines with holes, and trying to kill each other. The web page of the game including screenshots follows.


Get from Aminet the following.

Hardware requirements

Duenix runs on a plain Amiga 1200, and should work on Amiga 500 too. To run Duenix from diskette, copy the contents of archive Duenix.Lha to an empty diskette, and boot from the diskette.

Copy conditions

Duenix is free. Though, you are asked for a donation. A donation is not required.

Game description

From 2 to 6 players drive their worms on the gameplan, each trying to survive longer then the others. A worm dies when it hits the curve drawn by another player. When there is only one player left, a round is finished. The curve drawn by the worms contains spaces so that longer game is possible.

There are lots of great options like bouncing from borders, teleporting, wind, scrolling screen and many others.

Most important features

  • Computer driven players: Any number of players may be driven.
  • Different playing backgrounds (7 predefined, other may be imported)
  • Body exchange: After some period players randomly exchange their bodies. As a result, strategy of cutting as much space for a worm as possible and then driving in that isolated area does not win any more. If there is an opponent alive, no one is sure he will not appear in opponent's situation at next moment. This feature encourages attack.
  • Nice graphics, though not professional (it is OCS graphics)
  • Each player has different number of lives. This allows setting game fair for players with different skills. This feature is especially good in combination with computer driven worms.


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